ESports Betting: Welcome to the betting of the future

ESports Betting: Welcome to the betting of the future

Whether you are an experienced bettor or a newcomer to the world of online sports betting, the term ‘eSports betting’ probably sounds a little strange to you, although it is becoming less and less so. It’s only recently that this new form of entertainment – betting on computer games – is here to stay.

But what is eSports betting?

We are going to try to explain it to you step by step, so that when you have finished reading this tutorial with tips and tricks for betting on eSports, you will have a more generalised idea of what eSports betting is all about.

We’ll start by giving you an overview of eSports, and then give you some tips on how to bet on eSports. And then, we will briefly analyse some of the most popular games among the eSports betting community.

ESports betting: making good progress

We have already mentioned it in another eSports post -you can find more articles about eSports in our eSports section- in this Sports Betting Blog: we are facing an industry in constant growth, which exploded in a definitive way a short time ago and which is beginning to concentrate an important mass of fans, professional players and expectation. Esports betting has gained even more strength with the arrival of the Coronavirus, which led to the suspension of all sports competitions, so players were looking for an alternative to the fun of ‘traditional’ betting.

More and more big events (tournaments) are being broadcast on TV or via streaming, and more and more spectators are becoming familiar with and involved in eSports around the world. And these are no longer just gatherings with a small group of geeky friends. They are real top events, full of expectation and importance.

And how is the situation, within the international panorama? Of course there is a lot, a lot of room for improvement and a long way to go, but we can say that progress is, for now, positive and adequate.

Through eSports betting, we can have fun with the same degree of excitement, seriousness and chances of winning as any other sport. The big gaming industries have ensured that the big titles in this craze can be just as vibrant and entertaining for the average viewer as a football or basketball game.

So how do you bet on eSports?

However – and we have also discussed this on other occasions – there is one thing that still needs to improve a lot when it comes to eSports betting: the information available to the average user.

Anyone can watch a football match on TV every day (there are hundreds!). But it is often not possible to watch the big global eSports events to learn the mechanics of the different games.

Due to this lack of coverage in terms of specialised sites and difficulties in terms of dissemination, it is more necessary than ever, if you want to bet on eSports, to take the time to consult as much information as possible and to make an effort to follow the professionals (players, teams, gaming platforms) in the industry.

However, it is also necessary to know the particularities of each game in question in order to know what you can bet on, and which markets can be most useful to you when placing your bets.

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