We Are Hiring: New Technology Means New Jobs in Online Casinos

Most Canadians know they are witnessing a transformation in the labor market. In particular, technology is changing the way we think about the workplace. Jobs such as SEO Specialist, Social Media Manager, Application Developer, Blogger, Video Blogger, and Influencer did not exist decades ago, but today they are becoming more and more important. The changes have affected every industry, including […]

Live Dealer Casino Games for Canadian Players

Throughout its history, the online casino industry has always been closely associated with all kinds of technological progress. In fact, the development of the Internet in the 1990s marked the beginning of the development of the industry. On the Internet, Canadian players can place bets from home. For example, to place bets on free slots, roulette, or blackjack tables, you […]

How to play BlackJack Basic rules

Blackjack has become a classic game. The film 21 Blacjkack also made it popular. In it, a group of mathematics students create a method to succeed in casinos based on probability.  Mathematical probabilities The dynamics of Blackjack is very simple: you must add a value as close as possible to 21, but without exceeding it. The cards have their numerical […]

Online gambling and casinos

Do you remember the last time you felt the need for an adrenaline-filled experience? By now you probably think that the only way to feel that way is through extreme activities involving high speeds, downhill skiing in the mountains of Denver or even overcoming the wild current of a river in a kayak.  One of the advantages of living in […]